Protecting the Bayou City

We live, work, and play surrounded by water. There are ten waterways that meander through our great city, as Houston continues to grow and develop, concerns about the health and viability of our waterways increase. Stormwater is the most significant pollution throughout the United States. Stormwater pollution comes from fertilizers, oils, pet waste, lawn debris, and other contaminants. Permeable surfaces allow water and pollutants to drain to the soil below, where gravel and natural bacterias help trap and break down pollutants naturally.

We also have an issue with flooding. Houstonians know the saying well, “it’s not a matter of if but when.” The increased chances of flooding caused by development and climate change should also alarm everyone. Permeable paving is an environmentally friendly option to address flood risks. It does what impervious concrete and asphalt cant. Installing permeable paving systems underneath your driveway, patio, and walkway creates a drainage system that protects your home.

With permeable paving, it’s not just our water that benefits; it’s the trees and landscaping that benefit too. Tree roots seeking oxygen start to move upward, frequently causing damage to the home. The void space in permeable paving systems allows air and water to reach the tree’s root system, extending your tree’s health and saving you the cost of home repairs. Incorporating permeable paving into your landscape design benefits the plants but also removes loose gravel which not only is a walking hazard but is a main cause of clogged storm drains.

Everyone has a role to play in our move towards a more sustainable city. Choosing permeable paving options does just that; cleaner waterways,reducing flood risks, and healthier trees and landscaping.