Legacy’s technology and STEM offerings are aimed at helping students gain knowledge for completing school assignments with ease as well as cutting edge skills that directly apply to 21st-century careers.


Visit Legacy’s varsity robotics website to stay up-to-date on the building progress and competition season.

Legacy’s Varsity Robotics Website


Elementary students are engaged in technology with Mimios/interactive whiteboards, Stemscopes, e-books, Merge Cubes with virtual 3D objects, and iPads. As students enter upper elementary, they begin exploring the basics of computer science with a focus on typing, word processing, spreadsheets, and digital presentations.

Middle School

Middle school students continue technology skill-building in word processing, spreadsheets, keyboarding, hardware/network configurations, computer components, basic programming in Scratch and JavaScript, and physical programming with circuit boards and LEGO MINDSTORM EV3 robotics.

High School

High school students are provided with a comprehensive, fast-paced exploration of text-based programming and engineering concepts through 3D design/3D printing, soldering, and electrical schematics, designing and building functional prototypes with programmable circuit boards, motors, sensors, and FIRST Tech Challenge robotics.

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