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At Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy, we consider our Middle School as 6th through 8th grade.

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Curriculum Overview

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Middle School Class Resources

Summer Bridge

Language Arts

Summer reading provides students with opportunities to further their reading, analysis, and vocabulary skills and prepares them for the upcoming school year. Exposure to a variety of genres, authors, and subjects fosters a life-long love of reading. LPCA faculty select books based on literary merit, historical significance, and thematic correlation to their ELA courses.

Students in Advanced Honors ELA courses are required to read the assigned novel and should expect that the novel will be used in Quarter 1. Teachers may use a variety of assessments for the novel including formal tests and writing assignments. Students in on-level ELA courses are encouraged to read the novel as reading strengthens the skills needed in their upcoming courses. Additional reading suggestions can be found on the Legacy MS curriculum page.

ELA 600 – A Wrinkle in Time (L’Engle)

ELA 700 – Carry On, Mr. Bowditch (Latham)

ELA 800 – The Giver (Lowry)


Students in Legacy Middle and High School math courses 600 through 1200 will be using the ALEKS program in their classes throughout the school year. Students are able to continue working in their ALEKS Learning Path over the summer as their Summer Bridge to ensure a smooth transition in the fall.

ALEKS develops a precise picture of a student’s knowledge of the course, which is represented by a multicolor pie chart. In the Learning Path, students are able to practice and eventually master specific skills in a subject. If a student successfully solves a series of problems of the same type, ALEKS will add this problem type, or “topic,” to his or her Knowledge State or “ALEKS Pie”. While in the Learning Path, ALEKS will provide video lessons, explanation pages that include worked examples, definitions, access to a comprehensive mathematics dictionary, and immediate feedback on answers. ALEKS continually modifies a student’s path to identify and fill gaps and build efficiently on their knowledge base. This builds student confidence and learning momentum.

Current students may continue to work to complete your path from your previous course. If you’d like to move into the path for your fall course, contact cyearwood@staging3.tinygiantdev.com.

New students may email Cassandra Yearwood at cyearwood@staging3.tinygiantdev.com for subscription information. Depending on start date, a $20 fee may apply.

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